Formed on the evening of Monday 1st May 1939 at the Ramsgate Working Men’s Conservative Club as the Ramsgate Branch of the Royal Naval Old Comrades Associationon. The President of the Broadstairs branch Mr. E. S. Oak-Rhind welcomed Ramsgate into the Association.
Eighteen members were enrolled on the night and these were joined by visiting members of the Broadstairs and St. Peter’s Branch of the R.N.O.C.A.
The branch had its first Standard dedicated in 1947

For many years, meetings were held in a number of Ramsgate pubs. In 1966 the branch meetings were held on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month at the Trafalgar Hotel, Royal Road. The President of the Branch was Lt Cmd H Goodbourne RNVR. Chairman: L Wilkinson, Secretary: A E Brenchley.

In 1970 the branch succeeded in finding a permanent home at Church Hill and the membership transformed the old building into a club house.
The branch celebrated its Platinum Jubilee in 2009.
In recent years there have been major improvements made to the building. The bar area was completely rebuilt, this was followed by resurfacing the main floor area. Then came the building of the flag deck providing a seating area outside. The latest building work has seen the heads move from outside into the modern Jack and Jenny area inside on the ground floor.
All these changes have been made by a few hard working and dedicated branch members.

In 2014, branch members and guests celebrated the 75th Anniversary in May with a Mess Dinner on 2nd May followed by a Church Service and gathering in the club on Sunday 4th May.